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Where one might see a challenging design problem, I find inspiration. If the solution is not possible with the tools at hand, I will create my own tools to make what may seem impossible actually achievable.

I am retired but have always been creative and worked with my hands. After different careers, including machine shop owner, auto body repairer and real estate developer, I became a furniture designer/maker. Creativity is part of my DNA. When I was younger I used to repair and paint cars. The paint was rarely one simple color as I always found ways to incorporate stripes or two-tones into my work. When I build homes, I seldom build from stock blueprints. My furniture designs are original and I am always testing new ideas.

I recently returned to New Jersey after living in Texas for 8 years. While in Texas and designing furniture, I attended 3d Design and Jewelry classes at the Glassell School of Art in Houston. I developed a new style of relief sculpture and now a similar style is being used in interior designs.

It was at that time, I wanted to start to work on smaller items and had a very inspiring instructor at Glassell. The instructor was a jewelry designer and found I really enjoyed creating artistic jewelry or wearable art.

I recently was awarded the Sponsor’s Choice Award in 3D for “Bear Claw” – Wenge & Onyx Necklace at Baum’s School Adult Student Exhibition.

The Glassell Studio School’s Annual Student Exhibition is a juried selection that celebrates outstanding student work from all departments. My “String Chair” selected to represent 3D design.

Glassell School of Art, Studio School, Houston Texas

Baum School of Art, Allentown PA

Professional Woodworkers Guild of NJ

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