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Welcome to Ahlum Gallery

We are an award-winning fine art gallery & studio home owned and operated by Denise Sandy. Modestly priced pastels, watercolors, and oil paintings, framed and unframed, available. Ahlum Gallery is located in the beautiful Easton, Pennsylvania area and is only a short ride from Philadelphia and New York City.

 The Ahlum Gallery is proud to announce Terry Wolfson-Tighe, a fabric collage artist, as the gallery director, partnering with the gallery owner Denise Sandy to host events and exhibitions with various artists. You can reach Terry at 201-805-1024....

Thank you for visiting the D. Ahlum Gallery LLC. You will be viewing original, one of a kind oils, pastels or watercolor paintings. No mass-produced multiples here. I paint ordinary occurrences, and daily sightings; sunsets, clouds, farm animals, clothes lines. That tell a story about color, form, and line.

I have two seasonal open houses, spring, and fall, plus exhibiting throughout the year at juried art festivals. Please sign up for the mailing list to be notified of these events.

Our show features 4 artists:
Hillary Reehl who creates Mixed Media artwork,
Denise Sandy who creates fine art in a variety of Oil, pastels, and Watercolors,
Carolyne Tighe who creates artistic ceramic pieces in porcelain and stoneware,
Terry Wolfson-Tighe who creates fabric collages which have the illusion of paintings.



New Additions:


Open House




To schedule an appointment,

Call 610.923.7101 

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